Classy nails have always been important in any woman’s beauty look. Whether you are dressing up for a special occasion or just kicking back and relaxing, a set of classy nails always look great. Whether you are going for a classic look or something a little more daring, there are a variety of options available to you.

1. Pearl Nail Tips

You can use white gel polish, and make sure that you’re applying every single layer very thinly because thick gel polish is known to chip off the nail very easily, so even if you have to apply three layers of this white just make sure that they are applied very thinly and that you’re cutting all the edges of the nail underneath.

2. Nude Pink Nails


Nude nails in general are perfect for the work environment in case you don’t want your nails to be too visible to the people you’re working or dealing with. If you are someone who wants to go a little bit natural, the pink color is perfect for you. Your nails just look so smooth and simple.

3. Mauve & White Nails

The best thing about mauve color is that you can find many shades variations whether you’re looking for something soft or deep. The mixture of white and deep mauve makes the manicure very cute.

4. Silver Design Nails

Manicurists are getting more creative with their silver nail designs each year. Silver design nails are so addictive because they have a shiny effect that you can’t find in other colors, they are convenient for many occasions and they are worn a lot in the winter season.

5. Black French Tip Nails

If you are thinking that the French manicure is over, well, you may be wrong, the French manicure never gets outdated especially the black one because of its universal color that can look good and fit everyone’s style.

6. Sage Nail Color


Sage green is a gorgeous color that you should definitely try, it takes you from summer to fall season. This color is becoming a favorite among nail lovers because it is the color of herbs and it shows simplicity and comfort.

7. Black Chrome Nails

If you can’t decide on a nail color or design why not try a new style like a chrome finish, it becomes a trend in the last few years, and everyone from celebrities to your co-worker has worn it. Don’t forget that black chrome is all about powder, the more powder you use, the good the chrome effect may become.

8. Mini Hearts Nail Art


The mini hearts are a very cute touch to add to your manicure, and they are easy to do than you think you don’t need a lot of dotting tools just a bobby pin and a toothpick.

9. Velvet Tips Nails


This design gives the nails a very unique and dimensional look and if you want to keep it cool you may opt for a silver shade. This design takes your standard to the next level. You can achieve it by using a magnet to control the movement of the velvet effect.

10. Pastel Swirls Nails


Pastel swirls nails have been trending on Pinterest and Instagram lately because they symbolize Spring & Easter. The good thing is that they are just wraps, so you can do them at home by yourself.

11. Baby Blue Nails


Baby blue is a very flirty nail color to wear especially in winter and it looks good on all skin tones, this color is known to be calming & peaceful and it fits all nail sizes whether short, medium, or long.

12. Leopard Print Nails


If you are a fan of animal print then the leopard print is the best for you. This design has inspired many stylish manicures because of its domination in the fashion industry, and they aren’t even that hard to do. So if you want to express your love for animals, this nail design is the best for you.

13. Mix and Match Nails


A cute trend that’s been going around for quite a while, basically it’s just a different design on each nail and there are limitless ways you can do this. You could do different colors, and shapes of nails at once, and you can even do a French mix and match set.

14. Letter Nails


This nail design allows you to express yourself by writing the words that mean so much to you, it can be your name, your birth date, or the name of someone you love with the ability to choose your favorite colors.

15. Modern French Tips

Modern French tips are a new version of the classic French manicure, they give a timeless and elegant look. There are many fun and creative modern French nail designs that you can get inspired by.