turkish series

Turkish series on the screen – you can’t miss any of them. They have officially conquered movie buffs. It all started with a craze for “The Magnificent Century” and ended with a sincere love for all the novelties that come from Turkey. Not only is it impressive in terms of sharp content, but also in terms of the cast: you won’t find such a concentration of beautiful stars anywhere else.

While some watch the saga of the Sultan and others worry about the relationship between Serkan and Eda in Knock on My Door, we explore the projects that will hit the screens in 2022. There are many premieres, and they are quite different, from detectives and romantic comedies to serious family dramas.

Green Valley Girl

A touching story about a brother and sister who live on a family estate far away from the rest of the family. They don’t have families of their own, but the family name needs an heir, so the characters adopt an orphan boy. Only, something got mixed up at the agency, and a girl shows up on their doorstep.

The heroine grows up and faces a harsh life, which she did not know before. Given the scope of the plot, you can immediately tune in for multiple seasons.

Flight of the Bird

Netflix will dedicate the turkish series to the network’s employees and their behind-the-scenes lives of intrigue, passion and personal tragedy. The main couple of the story used to be together, but now blatantly do not get along. However, all the old wrongs have to forget, because there is a common enemy on the path of the characters. The creators promise not only a romantic story, but also a deep moral – the main problem of the plot will be a conflict of generations.

The Dressed-up Scarecrow

In this story, the main character will be a famous fashion designer, among his clients exclusively stars and politicians. But the man’s ideal life is unexpectedly invaded by a not quite ideal woman. The role of the main character will play the handsome Chagatai Ulusoy, who himself chose the actress-partner. Lucky Alina Boz: maybe the romance is brewing not only on the screen, but also in life?


The adaptation of the American TV series “Dynasty” is about to be released. The story of the rich clans and their confrontation can not do without intrigue – in Turkey, such plots are in particular demand. But do the families really need this endless war?

The Father

The members of the Saruhanli family stop communicating after a terrible tragedy. They each find their own solace, but something prevents them from healing until the end. One of the show’s highlights will be the cast: major Turkish stars, Tolga Sarıtaş and Haluk Bilginer, will appear in the lead roles.

Midnight at the Pera Palace Hotel

The series begins with journalist Esra having to write a story about the Pera Palace Hotel. An ordinary story seamlessly turns into an intriguing detective story full of suspense, mystery and mysticism. This is one of those projects that you can’t quit halfway through – you want to be sure to find out how it ends.

If the King Loses

This dramatic adaptation of Yulseren Budaycioğlu’s novel will tell the story of a self-assured man, Kenan. He always gets what he wants – money, career and women. Or rather, almost everything: one day a mystery girl appears in his life, which turns the hero’s life upside down.

Three Sisters

The series has already been released, and viewers have been thrilled with the first few episodes. The story centers on the three sisters Turkan, Derye and Donuche. They spent their childhood by the sea, in happiness and prosperity. There is, however, one “but”: the father so protected the girls that they were completely unprepared for life in the real world. And he, as we know, is full of violence, pain and disappointment. Can the heroines come to terms with that?

The Awakening

The serial adaptation of the work of Namik Kemal, one of the most popular authors in Turkey, promises to be no less successful than the original. Nineteenth century, the heir of a privileged family wants to tie his life to a simple courtesan, but his parents force the couple to separate. The protagonist seeks solace with other women, while his abandoned lover prepares a plan for revenge.

Modern Woman

The last turkish series is modern woman. A girl named Pynar is an avid career woman. She is completely immersed in her work and only worries about her lack of children. One day the heroine falls in love, but she doesn’t want to trade her loneliness for a relationship with someone. This is the beginning of her story.