sell a house

The first impression a place makes is crucial to attracting a buyer’s attention. If you are planning to rent or sell a house, this is very important. There are certain techniques that can improve the perception of a space without having to spend a lot of money, and give it that magic touch that will enchant the buyer. By using some of these tricks, you can even increase the selling price.

Today we would like to share with you some tips that you can put into practice to beautify your home without spending too much, to help you rent or sell a house more easily.

Paint the walls white

The brightness of a living space is one of the most sought-after elements by buyers. But if the space has too many bright colors, it can be tiring to the eye. White is recommended to brighten a room at a lower cost. In addition to adding light, this hue can prevent a dark feeling in a space.

Another benefit of painting walls white is that, being neutral, this hue can prevent emotions from being associated with the room because of the paint tone. For example, a blue color can cause negative feelings such as coldness or aloofness.

Tidying and cleaning

Arriving at a dirty and messy place generates a sense of chaos that can negatively affect the buyer’s impression. Take the time to thoroughly clean all spaces. Get rid of anything unimportant and arrange furniture and objects in a way that conveys a sense of calm and order.

Remove unnecessary furniture

Moving furniture around can improve the natural lighting of a small space. It is advisable to remove old furniture and leave only a part of it to beautify the aesthetics of the place. Another tip is to remove the taller furniture to convey the idea of a less cluttered space. This way, you’ll highlight the vertical lines of the room.

Depersonalize the space

Every house has a unique touch, as it represents the values of a home, a family. However, when it comes to selling or renting a house, the important thing is that the potential buyer projects their own life inside. One trick you can use is to remove all visible photos and gather your family’s personal belongings.

Put white towels in the bathroom

A small detail like a white towel in the bathroom can add a cool, spa-like feel. Colored towels, on the other hand, can look dull and make the space feel heavy. White towels help convey a sense of relaxation to visitors.

Place mirrors in front of windows

One recommendation to enhance the effect of space and brightness inside the house is to place mirrors in front of the windows so that they reflect the light. Preferably place them in front of an exterior window so that they reflect the sunlight. Make sure they are proportional to the size of the space and place them at eye level.

Add plants or flowers

Putting plants, flowers or other natural elements is a practical and inexpensive way to add a touch of cheerfulness to a space. Flowers can convey a sense of calm and freshness to visitors. In addition to plants, you can use other elements like candles, water fountains or flower pots.

Tidy up the closets

To sell a house you probably need a visual trick to give your wardrobe a harmonious look is to arrange your clothes by color. In any case, avoid leaving them messy, as this may scare away visitors. Make the closet look more spacious.

Change the curtains

If the curtains in your house are old and heavy, it is best to replace them with lighter ones. This will make the room look more spacious, modern and fresh. You can also take advantage of the length of the curtains to make the walls look higher. Use curtains that fall to the floor to add verticality and achieve that visual effect.

Add rugs

Rugs can add warmth to a room and make it look bigger than it is. You should choose the size that best suits the room, but avoid getting them too small. For example, a living room rug should at least touch the front of the chairs’ legs.

Adding touches of color with textiles

The color of textiles can improve the lighting of a room. You can add cushions on the chairs, place tablecloths or other elements that improve the look of the space. But you must avoid saturating it. It is advisable to choose shades such as beige, pink, light blue or water green.

What elements do you pay the most attention to when renting or buying a home? What other tips might be helpful? Feel free to share yours in the comments!