bathroom sparkle

The process of cleaning is often extremely tedious, so even the result of labor in the form of a sparkling and fragrant apartment is not so much enthusiasm. However, if you connect not only your strength but also your wit, everything can become much easier, as smart users of social networks are constantly proving. We were delighted by such simple but super effective tricks that people do to make their bathroom sparkle, and just couldn’t help but share them with you.

Natural air freshener

Pour some rice into a pretty jar, add a few drops of your favorite essential oil, give the mixture a good shake, and place it on your bathroom shelf – this filler will absorb unpleasant odors and freshen the air at the same time.

A Hygienic Soap Tray

To keep as few germs as possible on chunky soaps, you need to let them dry thoroughly between uses, rather than leaving them to soak in residual water. But you don’t have to buy a fancy rack to do that – you can just put decorative glass rocks on the bottom of your dish so that the soap will be above the moisture dripping down.

Shiny plumbing fixtures

To let your bathroom sparkle and give it faucets a shine, especially ones with limescale buildup from hard water, soak a cloth in vinegar, wrap it around the fixtures and let it sit there for a while to dissolve the dirt. Then rinse as usual.

Fragrant towels

bathroom sparkle

Sometimes even stacks of clean towels can exude an unpleasant, musty smell. The best thing to do in such cases, of course, is to reconsider your approach to washing and storing them. But as a cosmetic method of getting rid of the unpleasantness, you can layer the stack with scented conditioner wipes that will interrupt the unwanted scent.

Protecting paper from the cat

Your cat would have a harder time ripping a roll of toilet paper hanging from a holder if you secured it with a hair band. Of course, one hundred percent this method won’t protect the paper from its claws, but it will still be harder for your cat to tear the roll completely and disperse it around the house.

Keeping the toilet bowl clean

For less dirt clinging to the inside of the toilet bowl and less frequent wiping with a toilet brush, try spraying the inside of the bowl with a water-repellent shoe spray.

Scented toilet paper

Another easy way to freshen the air in the bathroom, and specifically, next to the toilet, is to add a couple of drops of essential oil to the inside of a roll of toilet paper.

Lemon against limescale

bathroom sparkle

Lime scale from metal elements in the bathroom will be easier to remove if you first wipe them with lemon: the acid will effectively dissolve the dirt, after which all that remains is to wipe the surface.

Lemon for deep faucet cleaning

At the end, don’t forget to secure the used piece of lemon with a rubber band by pressing it against the aerator. Many people forget to clean this area because it doesn’t loom in front of their eyes, but just as much lime accumulates on it, and this area should also be cleaned periodically.

Emergency odor removal

Another easy trick to make your bathroom shine is that if you don’t have an air freshener but need to get rid of a bad odor as quickly as possible so you don’t feel uncomfortable, just light a match and let it burn for a while.

Onions as a natural air freshener

For many people, it’s common to use store-bought air fresheners. But few people know that a regular onion does the job, especially if it’s not properly ventilated. Try placing a dish with onions in the room – the vegetable will absorb unwanted odors and freshen the air.