the loudest animals on earth, the loudest animals in the world

Large animals such as elephants and lions, as well as species with descriptive names such as “howler monkey,” are considered by many people to be the loudest inhabitants of our planet. However, the top performers in terms of loudness are to be found underwater. This is mainly because water has a much higher density than air, which is why sound waves travel more slowly and develop a higher strength in the process.

10. Hyenas – 112db

These small dogged animals can be very dangerous when together. They can even kill a lion, known for their perseverance and powerful bits, the sound of these carnivorous mammals can reach 112 decibels. The sound of hyenas is often related to laughter because they make it when attacked or threatening their prey.

9. Elephants – 115db

the loudest animals on earth, the loudest animals in the world

Besides being intelligent and social animals, Elephants are one of the earth’s largest and loudest creatures. They use multiple sounds to communicate the first one is the famous trumpeting sound that they release when they are angry or upset and sometimes even excited. With a loudness over 115 decibels, Elephant’s sound can go up to 16 kilometers.

8. Gray Wolves – 115db

Best known for their whisperings and deafening howl, Gray wolves can indeed be very noisy. They travel very long distances to get food. Often used as pack animals, their howls can reach from 90 to 115 decibels. They howl so they don’t lose the location of their pack mates and also for establishing their territory and declaring their pack’s place.

7. Lions – 118db

the loudest animals on earth, the loudest animals in the world

The boss of the jungle can be very scary when he roars, especially Africa’s wild ones. They can reach 118 decibels of noise, which can travel from 6 to 8 kilometers. They do this for several reasons one of them is to establish territory and they also roar sometimes to communicate within a pride.

6. Kakapo – 130db

The world’s biggest parrot is likewise the noisiest bird. This endangered bird has a changed jargon that incorporates calls and cackles. The male bird makes a booming sound during the breeding season. These sounds can reach 130 decibels and can last to 9 hours every night for 3 months. Kakapo is also one of few birds of the parrot family that can live up to 90 years.

5. Green Grocer Cicada – 135db

the loudest animals on earth, the loudest animals in the world

Cicadas are the insects with the loudest sound in the world, their sound can reach a maximum of 135 decibels for over 1.5 miles. One of the noisiest animals you could find in this world. Some people in Europe use them as a pet. Their sound is produced by contracting the internal muscles.

4. Bulldog Bats – 140db

Bats are a much smaller group among mammals, bulldog bats can produce sounds of up to 140 decibels, though they are no longer audible to humans because they are in the ultrasonic range. The cries of bats serve only to locate prey. By reflecting the sounds, the bat can accurately estimate the distance and direction in which the prey animal is located and in this way approach and seize it in a targeted manner.

3. Howler Monkey – 140db

the loudest animals on earth, the loudest animals in the world

Howler monkeys are the biggest of all new monkeys. They use their calls to warn each other of danger or to defend their territory among themselves. The male ones have large throats and their uniquely shaped hyoid bone enables them to reach volumes of 140 decibels.

2. Pistol Shrimp – 220db

The second loudest creature in the world inhabits the tropical and subtropical seas and reaches a body length of just five centimeters. Despite its tiny size, the pistol shrimp, which is quite inconspicuous in appearance, can generate a volume of up to 220 decibels with its claws – in comparison, an ambulance driving with a siren only reaches 130 decibels.

The small pistol shrimp owes its name to its scissors, with which it overpowers its prey within a few seconds. After grabbing its victim with its left scissors, it “shoots” to the right, producing pressure waves that form bubbles several thousand degrees hot.

1. Sperm whale – 230db

the loudest animals on earth, the loudest animals in the world

The Sperm whale produces clicking sounds to locate and track food. These reach up to 230 decibels and can be heard over distances of several hundred kilometers. The blue whale is also one of the loudest animals in the world, as its song reaches almost 190 decibels. Incidentally, the blue whale has such excellent hearing that it can perceive sounds over distances of up to 1600 kilometers.

Even though fish are not exactly known for producing sounds, one representative does stand out. Native to the Pacific coastal waters of North America, the northern boatman fish, or Porichthys notatus species, produces sounds reminiscent of honking horns, swarms of bees, and chainsaws. Males use these to attract females at mating time, who cannot hear these sounds until they form their eggs.