If we look closely at the standard of male and female behaviors, we notice some significant differences. Yes, in the XXI century it is strange to divide habits into “male” and “female”, but this arrangement is quite obvious. Especially if we analyze destructive scenarios.

Some ladies’ quirks may seem like just fun, but in fact, behind all this there is something more dangerous. We have collected 10 female behaviors that do not just kill love, but suppress the partner from a purely human point of view. It is necessary to know about them, but it is better not to repeat them in practice.

Women, if you want to kill love, then do exactly that:

Judging other women

Behind the criticism of other women – and familiar, and not so much – often hides its own complexes. Only insecure and jealous people encourage dirty gossip, because in this way they appear in a favorable light. Men react very sharply to such behavior and immediately draw conclusions about the temper of their mate.

Too much command

female behaviors

By nature, men are considered aggressive creatures: they do not tolerate complete control over themselves and seek to control the situation. In couples where the role of commander in the woman takes over (usually affected by profession or parental experience), the second partner feels inferior.

Expect things that weren’t promised

Sometimes women create their own image of a man in the head, but then, in real life, are disappointed in him. Different views on family, career and everyday life are confusing, but after all, when you met him, you didn’t ask his point of view. To avoid deceived expectations and unexpected unpleasant discoveries, talk seriously with your partner and understand his worldview.

Invade personal space

In some couples, the woman wants to completely control the man’s life and know everything about his every move. However, these behaviors will not lead to good things. Everyone – regardless of gender – has a right to the personal life they had before they entered the relationship. By nature, men especially value their freedom and feel more confident if his “private territory” is not invaded.

They do not watch their personal hygiene

female behaviors

Even scientists have confirmed that nothing repels a man as much as an ungroomed woman. We are not talking about the style of clothing or hairstyle, but about following the trivial rules of personal hygiene.

They don’t say directly

Jokes about women’s language being riddles don’t always seem funny. When a man can’t be specific about a request or his expectations, it confuses the person he’s talking to. Men think differently and do not know how to interpret hints – for them everything should be open, so do not even hope to convey to him the information in a convoluted way. It’s easier to state right away what you want.

Manipulate with the body

Manipulation in any form does not help to strengthen the relationship, but when the instrument of blackmail is the body – write missing. Punishing your partner with a ban on intimacy is not a seductive woman’s ploy, but an insecure attempt to use a last resort to achieve what you want.

Act like children

female behaviors

Women’s emotionalism can scare a man away. They expect their partner to be the same adult, logical and reasonable person. A feigned childish attitude to things, an imitation babbling or an inability to control emotions seems unattractive. This does not mean that the lady needs to become a rock, just that feelings should also be expressed in a mature way.

Asking questions “on the edge”

Questions in the style of “Don’t you think I’ve gained weight?” are better asked to girlfriends, not men. They will never be able to answer directly. And any answer will not be what women expect. As a result, the partner showered with accusations of insincerity or excessive directness.

Strive for the unattainable ideal

There is nothing wrong with the makeup, but the excessive fixation on the appearance, the abundance of plastic and attempts to imitate the girls from the cover says about the insecurity. Men appreciate uninhibited and openness, so they are more likely to be attracted to “no makeup” than a bright “battle paint.