Already tired from going back to work? The days are getting shorter and the fatigue is present? Let those who do not have dark circles… tell us their secret! No one? Indeed, the eye contour is a sensitive area where the signs of fatigue and age are easily visible.

Dark circles are often disturbing. They reveal your lifestyle: as soon as you lack sleep, the fatigue caused by short nights shows under your eyes. It is possible to reduce or even eliminate dark circles and regain a lively look.

What causes the appearance of dark circles? How can they be effectively camouflaged? Here are our answers:

Identify the types of dark circles

Before camouflaging them, it is important to identify the type of dark circles we are dealing with. There are several types: 

  • The hollow ring: (yes, we say “a” ring!) is often caused by the melting of the fat around the eye. With age, the skin becomes thinner and the face hollows out. It is therefore these areas that lose volume first. 
  • Full circles: Unlike hollow circles, full circles are the result of fat accumulated under the eye. This is what causes bags. A malfunctioning lymphatic system can also cause this type of dark circles.
  • Pigmented circles: these are colored circles (brown, purplish…). They are caused by poor distribution of melanin or by an excessive concentration of melanin. They can also be caused by the thinness of the skin, allowing the blood vessels located in this area to show through. Very often, these dark circles are hereditary. 
  • Mixed circles: are a combination of the types of circles mentioned above: hollow and colored circles, full and colored circles… The total, therefore!

Remedying it naturally

It’s no secret that you need at least six hours of sleep to avoid the appearance of dark circles due to fatigue or lack of sleep. And a little method (as if we were controlling our position at night), experts recommend sleeping on your back or with your head raised so that your eyelids swell less during the night.

Otherwise, we should ban smoking, because it affects the quality of the skin, and therefore, dark circles. Don’t overdo the sun (sorry, vacationers).

In addition, adopting an appropriate beauty routine helps prevent the appearance of dark circles: eye contour cream, regular massages of the area, and application of cold to the area to decongest the bags, especially after a good night’s sleep…

Tip for a successful makeup of dark circles: red lipstick. Applying a red or orange lipstick before applying concealer will neutralize your dark circles. Indeed, to neutralize a color, you must use its opposite. If your dark circles are bluish and purple, red and orange are your best allies.

And if even with this tip, your dark circles are still omnipresent:

Special treatments

When natural methods and makeup are no longer enough, cosmetic medicine treatments can take over. They will help treat dark circles in a more lasting way. These treatments can be performed separately or together if recommended by the doctor. 

  • Hyaluronic acid injections: ideal for dark circles that are full, hollow, or even pigmented, provided that they are caused by thin skin, which reveals the blood vessels in the area. The procedure will fill in the hollows and thus erase this effect. The results will last approximately one year.
  • The Fraxel laser: is very effective against dark circles, these lasers will remove the melanin that colors the eye area. In the long term, it will therefore lighten and rejuvenate the eyes. The results last for several months.
  • Peeling: by peeling the skin, it regenerates and becomes melanin-free. This is ideal for pigmented circles. The result of a depigmenting peel on dark circles appears progressively one month after the treatment and can last up to one year.