If you’ve ever gotten to the point when you wonder why you struggle to lose a single pound, while the men you know tend to drop a whole lot of weight without even trying as you do, just know that you’re not alone. Weight loss for men is more easily than every woman does – mostly when it comes to belly fat during the midsection.

However, this doesn’t imply that it’s impossible for you to lose weight or that you require a more unique or different approach to lose weight than a man. Reaching your goals might take a lot of time, but it’s possible. With a little lifestyle change and diet, you can get that.

Why it seem harder for women to loose weight than men ?

There is usually a lot of struggle when it comes to women losing weight and most time, it is more than the struggle men go through. Mostly, this is due to the men’s hormone as well as body composition. The main female hormones which are the estrogen and progesterone makes the woman more susceptible to strong food cravings.
The male main hormone (testosterone) on the other hand is more in men, which contributes to fat loss and accumulation of muscles.

In some cases, the struggle can be traced to Mother Nature. Nature has its way of preserving the ability of a woman to bear children. In other to do this, the woman body fights weight loss in order not to ruin your reproductive capacity.
The reasons for this are almost limitless, but in the cause of this blog, we have come up with different ways to help women to lose some kilograms without stress :

1. Don’t rush it – “START SMALL”

Having a daily jog for 15 minutes a day can increase to 30 minutes after some time and then to 1 hour. It goes on and on. You enjoy the jogging or walking gradually and lose weight more than you know it.

2. Don’t give up

weight loss

Most women, when they hit their first plateau, they feel defeated. You shouldn’t – you have to push through this phase and keep putting a lot of effort in your routine until it works for you. Don’t be discouraged.

3. Don’t joke about the habits you need to let go off

There are habits you’ve formed, unfortunately, they are the main source of your weight e.g. the habit of having French fries daily, or having bread with pasta for dinner and sandwich for lunch. Consumption of foods that are high on carbohydrate is not good. To lose that weight, you should cut down on your food size and also eat foods made of fresh vegetables with nuts and lean meats” stop the bread!

4. Change your diet gradually (START SMALL)

Most times, the sugar that contributes to our weight gain comes from drinks. How about challenging yourself to drink just water or sugar-free drinks for a week, and then to 30 days. Challenge yourself and see how long you can last without those habits. Gradually, your diet habit changes.

5. Walk

weight loss

Walking in nice weather is an amazing way to keep fit. Even a five-minute walk can go a long way in losing a few weight. You should try it – instead of taking transports to short distance places, why not walk it? Also, stroll during the evening it can help you in the process.

6. Stay Hydrated ! It helps a lot

Before the meal, you should take some water – you will feel less hungry. You can as well watch what you eat by drinking water before the meal. At times you might not be hungry, eating straight away can lead to eating more than you should.

7. Get enough sound sleep and set a regular schedule for sleeping

Research has shown that getting enough sleep may be just as important and needed for burning fat as exercising and dieting.
A lot of studies have also shown that depriving yourself sleep leads to increase in body weight and also increase the level of ghrelin, which is the hormone that is responsible for stimulating hunger.

Another study in women specifically shows that getting at least 8 hours of sound sleep every night can increase your chances of losing weight by 33%.

Warning !

We don’t give any medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Consult with your physician or seek medical attention before making any health or food-related decisions.

This article is about some simple general health or food tips that you can find everywhere on the internet, not about some deep professional advice.