We had entrusted you with some solutions to avoid unwanted dryness when the autumn cold comes. Don’t let go. In a few days, you’ll have to put on your gloves and roll up your scarves with the coming of winter. The cold is not done with the dryness of our lips, hands, and face … So we put double bite and continue to moisturize to the maximum. Here are our tips for keeping our bodies in top shape while we wait for Santa Claus!


With the arrival of the winter cold, you have noticed that your lips are damaged. And to make matters worse, you touch them, tear off the little skins and moisten them. So STOP! You need to stop these bad habits.

Here are a few tips:

  • Scrubs, to remove dead skin: opt for gentle exfoliants.
  • Then we move on to moisturizing: a thick layer of moisturizing balm or a naturally fatty body: sweet almond oil, shea butter, Biafine… You can repeat this step as often as you like. And even at night, as a mask.
  • As a complement, you can also do hyaluronic acid injections that will plump and rehydrate your lips.


For itchy, dry hands. The first piece of information: washing your hands is not just for fighting bacteria.

So roll up your sleeves and head to the sink: warm water and super-fatted soap. Since it is rich in glycerin, this soap will leave a protective thread. One does not forget to wipe them after.

Gloves are essential! To go out, or to do the dishes. Water has its benefits but also its drawbacks: it dries out. So we opt for latex or medical silicone gloves for washing dishes and cleaning. And gloves, preferably leather or silk, when it’s cold, as soon as you go out.

We don’t tell you this anymore, but we moisturize as much as possible: a light cream during the day. And for the night, a nourishing cream that will be better absorbed and more effective. Its greasier texture will be less annoying while you sleep. Shea butter will become your new best friend in winter!


We dry our hair in winter, to avoid making it brittle and fragile. Why? When in contact with water, the scales of the cuticle, usually closed on healthy hair, open. The raised scales make the fiber more porous and vulnerable to the cold.

Our tip? Set your hair dryer to the lowest temperature or set it to cold air to avoid damaging your hair.

You didn’t know it, but some hairstyles are said to be protective… What are they? Quite simply, hairstyles that leave less of a grip on the cold: loose buns or braids. Above all, don’t be too strong or you’ll break your hair.

This is also the time to use mesotherapy to enhance your hair. This treatment boosts hair growth and quality. How does it work? Mesotherapy is a revitalizing cocktail containing hyaluronic acid, minerals, amino acids, and vitamins. It is injected into the scalp and will stimulate blood circulation and nourish the bulb in depth.

PRP (platelet-rich plasma) is also a way to get out of winter with a nice full head of hair. Also known as platelet mesotherapy, this procedure boosts hair growth, cell regeneration, and the formation of new blood vessels by using plasma and platelets present in the blood.


Skin that peels is not only in summer. Dry and tight face, it’s also in winter. And why? Because the degree of hygrometry drops, and the skin reacts by releasing its water.

The wind, the cold, or the wearing of thick clothes aggravate the cutaneous drying. How do I remedy this? The keyword: hydration.

In the morning, we nourish our skin to make it stronger, suppler, and less sensitive to skin irritations caused by external aggressions. For oily skin, we choose a fluid texture that will contribute to optimal hydration without shine. Finally for dry skin, one adopts rather a rich texture in the form of a cream that nourishes more intensely.

In the evening, it’s time to opt for ultra-nourishing night care. This is the time to leave the masks on for optimal penetration. Indeed, as they are heavier creams, their absorption by the skin can be longer:

  • If you have dry skin and you already use a rich cream for the day, prefer richer night care such as balms.
  • If, however, you have a combination of oily skin, opt for a richer cream than your usual fluid.
  • If your skin is still tight, you can also use a Hydrafacial treatment. This is a “pleasure” treatment, which will deeply moisturize and give your skin a radiant effect.

But winter is also the right time to do laser on the face (and even on the body) and treat scars, pigment spots, or even stretch marks. Several lasers can meet your expectations. Doctors will guide you toward the treatment that is best suited to your concern.