ugliest cars

Even if they are able to offer us very beautiful vehicles, car designers are also capable of the worst… Discover our Top 10 of the world’s ugliest cars!

10. Ford Ka I – 1996

ugliest cars

Ah, the Ford Ka… Despite its very special design, which has earned it the nickname “diaper” when you look at the rear of the vehicle, it’s still a great success for its value for money.

Obviously, this good quality/price ratio imposes restrictions on the choice of materials, as can be seen on this model with the presence of plastic protection …

The rounded shape of the car is not to its advantage either, especially at the rear. It is interesting to note that the new models released later, although significantly prettier, never met the success of this first Ford Ka…

9. Audi A2 – 2002

And yes, we did put an Audi in this Top! The problem with this vehicle is the rear… It seems that an elephant just sat on it.

The car collapses enormously, which is not particularly nice but not very reassuring for the driver with a very limited field of vision at the rear!

The front end suffers from the “rounded” effect of the car, but is still (a little) better. Anyway, this Audi A2 does not honor the brand by being in our list of the top 10 ugliest cars!

8. Hyundai Matrix – 2001

ugliest cars

The Hyundai Matrix… We’re naming it after a rather attractive name, but as for the rest…

While the front looks simple and rather sober, the rear is very poor. The most striking thing is the bodywork detachment at the rear windows on the sides… Why? Even if it was sober, you should probably have continued in the right line of the doors!

The worst thing about this is that the design studio for this model is very well known for having been at the origin of the most beautiful cars in the world! But as with every rule, there is an exception… it seems to be this Hyundai Matrix.

7. Nissan Cube – 1997

And since we are with the Asian brands, we continue with this magnificent Nissan Cube, model this time in total agreement with its name!

Obviously, this vehicle targets a specific clientele and is quite successful in Japan. However, due to the difference in culture, we don’t find this car particularly pleasing to the eye, especially this 1997 model.

The “cubic” shape is not very successful and the presence of protections on the windows does not make the whole thing very pleasant to look at… This model has nevertheless its originality!

6. SsangYong Rodius – 2004

And yes, another Korean brand! In our defense you will see that this Rodius from 2004 has many assets to be able to appear at the 6th place of this list.

Moreover, this brand already has some antecedents with the Actyon, the Musso or the Korando, very heavy models from a stylistic point of view. This Rodius still stands out from the crowd with a legendary rear end!

Here we are well above the Hyundai Matrix with its small bodywork detachment, the rounded effect at the rear window level to finally end up in a rectangular shape makes it all … delicious … shall we say.

5. Renault Vel Satis – 2002

ugliest cars

Who better than Renault to represent French brands in our ranking?

Small joke aside, we’re talking about a real flop that was the famous Vel Satis, Mr. Sarkozy’s presidential car during his five-year term!

The style is also very heavy here, especially with the rear end that breaks with the general line of the car.

4. Pontiac Aztek – 2001

Fans of TV series may recognize this model since it is the car used by Walter White, hero of the American series Breaking Bad.

The problem is that this Pontiac is considered by many to be one of the worst cars ever produced… You have to admit that its look and design is quite disheartening, with its plastic-colored bumpers, front and rear fascia, windows and roof… not to mention the interior finishes!

This model was also a commercial failure, with less than 12,000 units sold in the first year… and about 5,000 in 2005, the year production ended.

Despite all this, the Pontiac Aztek now enjoys a much improved image due to its unique design and styling and of course the success of the Breaking Bad TV series.

That’s why we’ve only placed it “4th” in the list… But also because we’ve found some very, very heavy stuff to take it to the next level!

3. Suzuki X 90 – 1995

ugliest cars

And on the 3rd place of the podium, I present you the 1995 Suzuki X-90! You may have already seen it because this model is quite famous and it is understandable why!

The most shocking is first of all its size, close to that of a car without a license. Then comes the general simplicity of the car. The rear also seems extremely low in relation to the roof, which lets you imagine the comfort inside! For the rest, we let you appreciate.

2. Fiat Multipla – 1998

In second place in this ranking is the famous Fiat Multipla. You’ve probably come across one of these on the road before, but you have to admit that it’s a pretty good vehicle, at least one that has become one over the years.

The first thing you notice is the front end, you wonder what could have gone through the designer’s mind! His name is Laurenz van den Acker, well known in the industry for being the creator of some very nice concept cars for Mazda. Here again, there must be an exception!

There are also these huge mirrors that could look like ears, and of course these double headlights, making you think of the eyes of some creature, a dolphin or a toad…

And it’s not over! Behind this front windscreen, which looks like a giant aquarium, there are no less than 3 seats, the middle one being particularly narrow.

In short, this Fiat Multipla has been a legend since the 2000s.

1. Nissan S Cargo – 1992

And finally, we decided to give the title of the ugliest car in the world to this magnificent Nissan S Cargo! We don’t know if the name of this car has been thought for the pun, but it’s true that its look is really sobering…

Like a snail, this Nissan seems to carry its shell with it… Of course, this model is particularly original and even quite cute, just like the famous little mollusk.

For the record, Nissan would have been inspired by the 2CV for the creation of this little van… we’ll let you debate about it!

Anyway, this last car is our champion in its category.