As you know ear piercings nowadays are very popular and they contribute a lot to women’s classy looks. So, unlike those basic & old-fashioned piercings that your mom bought you in sixth grade, the modern ones are related to your look and aesthetic.

Today we’ll help you to get some ideas about ear piercings by showing you +25 ear piercings designs. Enjoy!

1. Double Inner Conch Piercing

A double inner conch piercing involves two perforations made through the cartilage of the inner conch of the ear. This type of piercing is also known as double helix piercing and it looks great on both men and women. It is becoming increasingly popular and it can be done with a variety of jewelry styles, such as curved barbells, circular barbells, or captive bead rings.

2. 5x Hoop Ear Piercing


A 5x hoop ear piercing refers to having five piercings on one earlobe, each adorned with a hoop earring. It’s recommended to get no more than two piercings at a time to allow each one to heal properly before adding more. This unique style will help you stand out from the crowd and show off your sense of style.

3. Layered Ear Piercing


Layered ear piercing is a trendy way of getting multiple ear piercings done in a single earlobe, creating a unique and stylish look. With layered ear piercing, you can combine different styles and sizes of jewelry to create a unique look that reflects your own individual style.

It’s important to note that getting multiple piercings in one session can be more painful than getting a single piercing, and the healing process can take longer.

4. Double Lobe Piercing


Double lobe piercing refers to the practice of having two piercings on each earlobe. The procedure for double lobe piercing is similar to that of a single lobe piercing. This type of piercing is quick, painless, and relatively low-cost compared to other types of piercings.

5. Gold Stack Piercing


6. Stacked Ear Piercing


7. Glitzy Ear Piercing


8. Industrial Ear Piercing

9. Standard Lobe Piercing


10. Forward Helix Piercing


11. Anti-tragus Piercing


12. Outer Conch

13. Triple Helix Piercing

14. Tragus Ear Piercing


15. Daith Ear Piercing


16. Subtle Ear Piercing


17. Vertical Stacks Ear Piercings


18. Rook Ear Piercings


19. Helix Ear Piercings


20. Auricle Ear Piercings

21. Orbital Ear Piercings


22. Constellation Ear Piercings

23. Transverse Lobe Piercings


24. Snug Ear Piercing


25. Flat Ear Piercing