In the U.S, cardio-neurovascular diseases are the first leading cause of death, with more than 650,000 deaths each year. It is the leading cause of death among women and the very elderly. How to prevent them? What are the natural gestures to implement in your daily life for the health of your heart and your arteries? Discover these natural methods to take care of your heart.

Move more!

Don’t underestimate light physical activity! 30 minutes of walking a day reduce the risk of heart attack by 20%. Moreover, moving daily is more beneficial than 1 hour of intensive sport per week.

Since the most important thing is to limit the time you sit:

  • Get off a bus/subway stop before your destination,
  • Take the stairs instead of the elevator,
  • Ride your bike for short distances,
  • Walk your dog,
  • Brick your house (and yes, good news, housework counts!),
  • Get up from your chair every hour to stretch and take a few steps.

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