The Most Anticipated Albums of The Year 2022


If 2021 had its share of musical revelations, 2022 seems just as promising. Between the return of some great artists, and the release of new albums, it’s a big year for the public in 2022. Today we will reveal the most expected albums of this new year!


You are not dreaming. After a five-year absence from the music scene, the pop princess could be making a comeback this year! Rihanna left her fans in 2016, with a last and eighth album ‘Anti’, which made a splash. Since then, the star had devoted herself to other businesses, including cosmetics and fashion. In short, a real business woman, now a billionaire. But the public has long time and is waiting for one thing: his return to the world of music! And Rihanna does not intend to do things by halves, because she will be where no one expects it. Her ninth album which, according to rumors, would be called ‘R9’, would be more reggae, in reference to her Caribbean origins. In any case, the singer seems to want to experiment with new styles and have fun, for an unexpected result, completely different and, we hope, successful! No official date has been announced yet, but a little finger says that she will surprise us.


Another pop princess, Latin this time, is highly anticipated this year: Rosalía. After a first album in 2017, ‘Los Ángeles’, and the one that earned her worldwide fame and a Grammy Award in 2018, ‘El Mar Querer’, Rosalía has been performing duets and collaborations of great size with, among others: Bad Bunny, Travis Scott, Ozuna, Billie Eillish, James Blake, J.Balvin, DJ Snake, or Nicki Minaj, to name a few. His third album which will be released in 2022, ‘Motomami’, is particularly awaited! His latest featuring with The Weeknd, ‘La Fama’, is a promising first teasing of his new album, confirmed by Rolling Stone magazine that describes it as “a masterpiece full of dissonance, and that dismantles the traditional structure of pop music in Spanish”. It smells like summer!

The Weeknd

We were talking about his latest duet with Rosalía, but The Weeknd has also planned the release of a new album to start 2022. Dawn FM’ will be released this Friday, January 7, and fans have been excited since the discovery of his single ‘Take My Breath’ last August, a real hit. If the nature of this new album is still very mysterious, the singer revealed to have realized the album of his dreams with ‘Dawn FM’, which normally presages only positive! Among the featurings and guests expected on the album we can mention: Quincy Jones, Lil Wayne, Oneohtrix Point Never, Tyler The Creator, FKA Twigs, and Aaliyah. And let’s not forget another very surprising guest, whose role is still unknown: Jim Carrey. Come on, D-3 !

Swedish House Mafia

Nine years without having released a single track, a band split between 2013 and 2018, and yet, the most popular electro-house band of this generation, Swedish House Mafia, seems to be back! With their comeback in 2021 marked by hits like ‘It Gets Better’, ‘Lifetime’ or ‘Mouth To A Flame’, the three members of the group, Axwell, Sebastian Ingrosso and Steve Angello, seem more fulfilled than ever. They are among the best DJs in the world, and they are likely to hit hard with their first album, scheduled for release in 2022. The three DJs have confided that it takes them a long time to produce a track, so many ideas are flowing and their fast-paced lives are taking them a long time. The confinement finally allowed them to settle down and work together, calmly, on music. In total, 44 tracks were released. It remains to be seen which ones will be part of the album and which ones will be released as a single. In any case, the collaborations on this exclusive album are going to be crazy, we already speak about The Weeknd, logical considering the success of their common title with the singer, ‘Mouth To A Flame’. To be continued, but the group is looking forward more than ever!


On the Belgian side, the album that the public is looking forward to discovering from March 04 is none other than the third album of the iconic Stromae, ‘Multitude’. He too has made his fans wait for almost five years for a career break. And just like his appearance on the music scene in 2010 with his first single ‘Alors on danse’, his return last October with ‘Ma Santé’ was a surprise. A tribute to the workers of the shade, with sounds to the Stromae and puns as he often likes to do. An artistic touch that still seems to be present in this new album, which seems to reserve strong texts and surprises!