brazilian tracker

Undoubtedly, when choosing a dog breed suitable for the requirements we are looking for, we will be able to find one within the wide spectrum of dog breeds found around the world.

There are those who practice hunting or have a house that is surrounded by nature, which can be attractive for different types of rodents, these people usually consider the possession of a dog that has hunting instinct, a hunting breed par excellence is the Brazilian tracker.

General characteristics of the breed

The Brazilian tracker is a breed of dog recognized by the international sinological federation in the year 1967, it is a hound type dog, it is also known by the name of American urrador (by his voice). This breed was developed in the 50’s by Oswaldo Aranha filho (in Rio de Janeiro), in order to hunt peccaries, a kind of wild pigs, jaguars and other animals.

Events that reduced the number of specimens

This breed of South American origin, more precisely and as its name says, from Brazil, had as its main function to be a hunting dog. This breed has the peculiarity of not having many specimens, due to two events that decimated the breed.

First, the parasitic disease known as babesiasis, very similar to malaria. Twenty years ago this disease attacked the place where most of these dogs were bred and killed a great number of them. On the other hand, there is an attempt to increase this breed, which is not only found in Brazil but also in other parts of the world. The second event that decreased the number of this breed was the poisoning of the dogs due to the presence of pesticides in their environment.

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Morphology of the breed

As for the morphology of the Brazilian Tracker, it can be said that it has characteristics such as being a medium sized dog, measuring 66 centimeters at the most. It has a lean body, lean and with great muscular mass, it has a great body symmetry. As for the shape of its head, it can be said that it has a stretched shape, with long ears on the sides.

This breed presents a type of coat that has a great thickness and a rough texture, as for the color, it presents white as a base and has spots that can be brown or black. As for coat care, it does not have any particular care, it should be brushed like any other dog.

Behavior of the breed

As for the behavior of this type of breed, they are animals with stable mood, which do not show signs of aggressiveness or violence, but they have a rough way of movement, which does not make them very suitable for dealing with sick people, small children or elderly people. Currently this breed is somewhat exotic, as there are very few specimens around the world, beyond that if we are lucky enough to have one of these, we should know that they have almost no health problems and are very noble dogs.