Clothes sometimes say more about us than we’d like. Celebrities know more about this than anyone else, as photos of their outfits, once worn in public, are discussed on the net for years. That’s why every star’s appearance on the red carpet is carefully prepared, and the image and style of famous people are managed by high-level specialists.

We found striking examples of how a woman can be transformed in the hands of an experienced stylist. Sometimes you can’t even believe that it’s one and the same. See for yourself.

Megan Fox

It’s strange to hear from current style icon Megan Fox that she once had no interest in fashion and chose her own outfits. Her outspoken style is an extension of the “bad girl” role she played in the movies. That all changed when stylist Maeve Reilly, who had previously dressed Ciara, Priyanka Chopra and Hailey Bieber, came into her life. Maeve got rid of 95% of Megan’s wardrobe and created a sassy and chic new look for the actress, which did not go unnoticed.

Charlize Theron

Former fashion consultant for American Vogue and assistant to Anna Wintour, celebrity stylist Leslie Frimar, has few clients, but all of them are top stars: Julianne Moore, Léa Seydoux, Jennifer Connelly and Charlize Theron. For the latter, Leslie creates fresh looks that combine femininity and defiance, in stark contrast to the curls and random selection of dresses in Charlize’s wardrobe of yesteryear.


Law Roach’s star shone as soon as he began dressing young Zendaya, a little-known actress from children’s and teen sitcoms. The bold, extravagant stylist has turned his protégée into a fashion icon, with hundreds of publications about her every outing. Law has skillfully juggled her looks: a sleek ponytail and afro braids, towering curls and short haircuts, a chain top and a “wet” dress keep the public on their toes from day to day.

Celine Dion

Celine Dion is another star whose style has been “revived” by Law Roach. It’s been a big hit not only with Celine’s music, but also with her cool 50-plus look. Celine and Law first saw each other in 2016, and he was so excited before the meeting that he couldn’t sleep. The singer then took him with her to Paris for a month, where he helped her pick out her wardrobe. Today, Law’s work is continued by stylist Sydney Lopez: keeping the extravagant details in the singer’s looks, she gave her style a more feminine touch.

Anne Hathaway

Anne Hathaway was not always proud of her stylist, and finding the right person took a long time. Her wardrobe was entrusted to the famous stylists Rachel Zoe and Law Roach, but lately she worked with Erin Walsh, who dressed her client with luxurious and feminine dresses, as if created from liquid gold.

Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift’s journey from a sweet country music artist to the holder of 11 Grammys and 50 million albums sold has also been marked by her quest for fashion. Blonde curls, floral prints and puffy princess dresses gave way to bold miniskirts on stage and Hollywood glamour on the red carpet. The singer was helped in this change by her stylist Joseph Cassel Falconer, who joined the pop star’s team in 2008 and has been working with her ever since.

Margot Robbie

Margot Robbie used to work with classic stylist Christina Ehrlich, appearing on red carpets in long, plunging, low-cut dresses with thigh-high slits. But it was Kate Young, Anna Wintour’s former assistant, who made Robbie a style icon (she also dresses Dakota Johnson, Selena Gomez, Sienna Miller and Rebecca Ferguson). The actress began working with Kate in 2016, and since then her wardrobe has been filled with fashion-forward suits and extravagant outfits in bold colors, although Margot hasn’t forgotten the classics either.

Cate Blanchett

Cate Blanchett is also a client of Elizabeth Stewart since 2006 and the elegant outfits in which the actress is remembered are the work of the famous stylist.

Jennifer Lawrence

Jennifer Lawrence, unlike Cate Blanchett, is not so consistent in her preferences and she changes stylists quite often, as well as the style of clothing itself – from bright dresses to puffy skirts and cleavage. At the beginning of her career she was dressed by Rachel Zoe, since 2015 by Jill Lincoln and Jordan Johnson, working under the pseudonym Jill + Jordan, and most recently by stylist Kate Young.

Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga’s wardrobe is the responsibility of two people at once – Sandra Amador and Tom Irebout. They were ranked as the top 25 most influential stylists in Hollywood in 2019. They led the transformation of the singer from the “Mother Monster”, as Lady Gaga’s fans call her, to a glamorous diva who shows us what true Hollywood glamour looks like at every appearance: let’s compare her appearance in 2009 and 2021.