Cristiano settled in offside

Grown boy, must take responsibility. There hasn’t been such a weak streak since 2009, and it’s the direct fault of the forward. Only came out against average opponents, must dominate. Did not score against Wolverhampton, Brentford, West Ham, Middlesbrough, Burnley and Southampton.

Only the Hammers are higher in the table than MU, but equal on points. Ronaldo failed to score a penalty against a team from the Champions League, paving the way for a humiliating relegation for MU in the FA Cup. Got into the goalcage against Eriksen’s new team. Finally, climbed into an offside position against Southampton.

Six matches, six good opponents, but not at the level of Chelsea, Liverpool or Manchester City, and zero goals from a sniper who has amassed 688 goals during his club career. Ronaldo’s results are frustrating, so tense and serious, leading to misses. Juventus also had a stretch with 23 shots without a single goal.

Coach Rangnick is useless

Let’s leave aside the debate over whether it was worth appointing a mentor without big trophies to a club of MJ’s level after Sulzer, because there’s no going back on Woodward’s decision. But Scoles articulated the pressing problem succinctly:

Footballers don’t want to do the rough work. There was talk of mutual assistance before the match. The visiting players supported each other but the home team didn’t. Southampton have a proper coach and MY have a sporting director.

And not the fact that a good sports director, as we know from Lokomotiv. Ralph, after Hasenhüttl reacted correctly to MJ’s aggressive debut, rearranged himself to a 4-2-4. This left Pogba and Fernandes in the center without a man who cuts off opponents with passes in positional attacks.

That’s what Busquets or Modrić do, that’s what Kroos and Kimmich can do, and MJ has no one not only to do the rough work, but also to hold the ball. “Southampton has outplayed Manchester United in a coaching sense. Many coaches in England are not impressed with Rangnick’s moves. Neither his “4-2-2-2” nor his unsuccessful attempts to find Ronaldo a partner have worked.

The Portuguese’s goalless streak is a consequence of Ralf’s ridiculous attempts to play as old-fashioned as he wants instead of putting in modern soccer that suits the team. The only problem is that Rangnick himself seems to have no idea what MJ needs for a winning streak. And who exactly is needed, although a transfer shortlist of forwards has already been drawn up by the consultant.

Partners don’t play on CR7

It’s not just Ronaldo who gets millions for bad soccer at MJ. The match against Middlesbrough was surprising, Ronaldo had 10 shots towards another’s goal, often looking for a moment on his own. In the remaining five games of the black series Cristiano had only 13 attempts, and only 4 of them managed to hit the bar. The Portuguese is certainly not a weak link, it’s just that the whole team is as frustrated as an old piano.

In terms of total quality of chances in the APL, Ronaldo is first at MU by a huge margin, with Greenwood in second place. But you have to understand that the Portuguese often shoots at goal – 68 shots against Fernandes’ 49, so he’s pieced together chances for 11-12 goals in the APL. Scored eight, which means there were some notable misses. Could have scored yesterday against Southampton but the defender knocked the ball out of the empty net. Also should have scored against Norwich and Watford and Liverpool.

Except the last two opponents were 4-1 and 5-0 down, one goal wouldn’t have changed anything. Ronaldo can’t make regular saves, and his teammates don’t give him the right passes into the right areas. And they don’t use standards, even though the Portuguese is the king of the air, and the counterattacks that brought him a couple hundred goals in a Real Madrid jersey. MJ does not play alongside Cristiano in a way that benefits him. Kavani, Greenwood, Rashford, Marcial and even Sancho have been seen next to each other in attack, and all the tactical experiments of Sulzer and Ragnick have failed.

Cristiano pulls where he can and when he can. He has 6 goals in the league, all the other players have a total of 5. Let’s see how he plays against the favorites from Atletico Madrid, because they have big problems in defense.

MJ is clearly morally drained

It’s all over De Gea’s face after the Southampton goal. The great club’s first team is cornered. As the legends rightly say, a Manchester United shirt weighs a lot. Some don’t appreciate that weight, and it always hurts – Pogba and a number of young guys clearly don’t respect the former champion’s status as much as they should for new victories. And others are broken by that weight.

Many great players look bad at MJ, and Ronaldo is no exception. Maguire is slower than Vasin. Fernandes is productive, but rarely makes the difference in difficult matches. The unstable Pogba, Sancho and Rashford play episodes. All together at Old Trafford, they didn’t score a second goal against a tough Southampton. And it’s a good thing they didn’t lose, because Hasenhüttl outplayed Ragnick in the end.

In the last home match of the same opponent destroyed 9-0, but that fight was a useless exception. And Ronaldo stopped being exceptional when he went to the club twice in a row instead of the coach. Cristiano has always underestimated coaches, just like Messi, because he considers himself the greatest in history. But many of the Portuguese’s problems in Turin and Manchester City are tied to silent conflicts of ideas with mentors.

But the increase in goals for the national team at a solid age, 52 goals under Santos in seven years compared to 63 goals in the eleven years before him, is directly related to the way Fernando set the game up. Ronaldo used to look the same in the center of the national team attack as he does now at MJ. Detached and a bit ridiculous. Rangnick talks about wanting to sign a center forward, but will the newcomer catch Ronaldo in the lineup in the fall? The Portuguese doesn’t have the time, that’s the kind of United, humiliated by the game’s impersonality, is definitely not right for him.

Especially if they are left without a trip to the Champions League. Cristiano has made his choice, now he will listen to people saying that time has beaten him as if it were a surprise, then he will score a lot of goals by the end of the season, because 14 goals by the middle of February is the same as in his first season at Juventus. Back then, too, he needed time to adapt. But Turin were a championship team, which is not the case with the Manchester Reds. Ronaldo’s series is a diagnosis of Rangnick’s work, as well as many years of mistakes by the club’s management.

Cristiano will score in the coming games, because he always returns, but it is impossible to guess when a decent Manchester United will return.