kylian mbappé

For several months, the future of Kylian Mbappé (23) has been exclusively associated with Real Madrid, as if Paris Saint-Germain was definitely eliminated in the race for the Frenchman. But the Parisian leaders have not said their last word.

What if Kylian Mbappé extended his contract with Paris Saint-Germain? What was utopia a few weeks ago, can still happen. The former Monegasque, flirted with by Real Madrid for several seasons, has fallen under the spell of the White House. Florentino Perez, the president of the Merengues, knows it and makes it his top priority to be the new headliner of his team. The Spaniard, who had approached PSG last summer in the final hours of the mercato, had come up against the Red and Blue leaders closed to any discussion. And if everything led to believe that the native of Bondy was going to land quietly in Madrid next summer, free therefore, the soap opera is about to be revived.

A happy medium

This Friday, Julien Maynard, TF1 journalist close to the Mbappé clan, and The Telegraph say that the Parisian management has relaunched discussions with the family of the player. On the table, a more acceptable offer for the jewel who wants to play, eventually, under the white tunic. If the number 7 has refused all the proposals that were made to him, it is for fear of being sequestered in his native Île-de-France. But here, the proposed offer would be of short duration. The idea of the Parisian board is simple: not to lose the tricolor international (53 selections for 24 achievements) at zero cost. By extending the lease of the striker, PSG secures itself from an unwanted offensive of Real and gains time to prepare his succession, potentially this summer, while cashing a check that will always be welcome.

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Mbappé plays the watch

The current context of things is all the more special because the two teams face each other in just over a month, in the Champions League. Kylian Mbappé is aware that his situation adds spice to the double European confrontation, and immediately calmed the game. He will not make any decision for his future before the clash in the eighth round between his two contenders. The English media explains that the 2018 World Champion is not closed to the idea of prolonging the adventure in Paris, and would even consider the idea of re-signing. But whatever it is, the decision of the Frenchman will be announced only at the end of the season.

The news is reassuring for PSG fans who were beginning to believe that the fate was sealed. On the Madrid side, we could have done without this turnaround, although it is not definitive.