Planning to celebrate New Year’s Eve with friends and extend the evening into the early morning? Now that’s a great idea! But how do you avoid looking devastated the next day at work? Here are 4 tips for looking fresh and hiding your hangover.

Get up

This is probably the most logical but hardest step. If you don’t want your colleagues and manager to suspect your hangover, don’t start your day late! When you go to bed (set reminders on your phone if necessary), set several alarms to make sure you get up in the morning.

Ideally, you should set your alarm clock early enough so that you have time to wake up from your sleep. We know… getting up with alcohol in your system takes longer than if you had gone to bed at 10pm the night before with a good night’s tea.

Massage your face

The day after a night of drinking, we often have dark circles under our eyes and a tired and irritated face. To get a better look, consider massaging your face with your hands. No need for lotion or beauty products, you can just help your tired muscles by stimulating them. By stimulating these muscles, you reduce inflammation in your face, improve your circulation and help hide your hangover.

Put ice on your skin

This is an old remedy used by athletes to soothe exhausted and inflamed muscles. It is also recommended to drink chamomile tea, drain the bag, put it in a cool place in a fridge and then put it on your eyes to reduce irritation and inflammation.

Drink water


We can’t say it enough. Drinking water helps a lot to get ride of your hangover, rehydrate your body after a good binge (you know alcohol dehydrates). Your skin needs moisture and freshness. Drink plenty of water and if that’s not enough, jump in the shower to refresh yourself even more (and to wake you up at the same time).