In this article, we will get to know the controversial breed of pitbull dogs of medium to large stature. Lately, there has been a lot of talk about it and that is why we will inform our readers about its origins, its characteristics, its temperament and why the Pitbull dog breed is considered controversial by some media.

Technical data of the breed:

Type: bloodhounds.

Size: between 45 to 53 centimeters.

Coat: thick skin, short and stiff hair and color combination of colors or unicolor.

Head: proportionate to the body.

Eyes: small and deep set.

Origin of this breed

The origins of the breed go back to the end of the 18th century in England, like those of many other breeds we have discussed in this blog. Those who developed the breed did so with different intentions. They were looking for a versatile dog that could adapt to different situations and problems. The breeds that the specialists “mixed” were the bulldog and terrier breeds, they were breeds of strength, whose function was to fight in dog fights, although this fact is still discussed by researchers.

Pitbull Characteristics

Pitbulls are medium to large sized dogs. Their body is proportionate and excessively muscular and sinewy in all members of their physique. Their head is naturally bulky and striking. Their ears are relatively small and pointed and triangular in shape, although they have a fold on their surface. Their muzzle has a large size and it is for this reason that they probably possess an excellent sense of smell and tracking.

Their coat is very short and rough, usually dark-colored, although there are also light-colored in their minority. Their skin, under their fur, forms wrinkles very representative of this breed. The tongue is surprisingly long and its jaw is strong and sharp. Their legs are large, well based and strong.

Pitbull Character

Pitbull breed dogs are naturally aggressive dogs due to their genetics. They have been used as fighting dogs for centuries, and although today they are considered as domestic and companion dogs, their education and training must be carefully controlled, taking into account the breed’s background. Once they reach adulthood, Pitbull breed dogs tend to become very aggressive with other dogs, so it is recommended not to put them together if they have not been accustomed to the company from a very young age.

They are dogs that require a lot of exercise, so it is recommended that their owners walk them regularly. These dogs should not be kept in small spaces, as this can cause them many psychological damages and also increase the probabilities that they develop an aggressive behavior.

On the other hand, they are dogs that, taking all the necessary precautions, are very intelligent, affectionate and friendly dogs. They enjoy being pampered by their owners, rewarded with hugs and eager to learn. Their musculature makes them tireless dogs, full of energy and vitality.