It seems to the young that old age is not long in coming. But the years fly by too quickly, and one day you wake up, look in the mirror and realize that your youth is already fading! Swelling in the morning, the first wrinkles and changes in facial contours do not please anyone.

The first signs of aging are caused not only by genetics, but also by your lifestyle. And while everyone knows about smoking and alcohol, not everyone knows about the less obvious bad habits. Here are 6 most common: If you get rid of them, you will prolong your youth and beauty.

Habit #1. Regularly sit on rigid diets

Extreme calorie restriction or total fat elimination will lead to nothing good. You may lose weight on these diets, but your health will suffer. The skin, too, will become unsightly.

By avoiding all fats from food, your skin loses its own fats that keep it supple and therefore give it a youthful appearance. Why follow a diet when your face reflects the impermanence of your life and wrinkles don’t count? It is better to adjust your diet so that the amount of incoming calories in it is less than you spend energy, but it contains all the necessary substances for the body.

Habit #2. Constantly flexing your muscles


You’ve probably noticed that wrinkles appear in the places where muscle tension occurs most often. People with a lot of frowns at the forehead, happy people near the eyes and those with perpetually melancholy faces in the nasolabial area. And if you additionally strain the muscles, doing exercises for the face, the smoothing effect can be and will be, but not long. Daria Akulich, an expert on natural rejuvenation, is convinced that facial muscles should not be forced to work – on the contrary, they should be allowed to relax.

Mimic muscles are the most active, and they are constantly contracting. Contraction is work and training for them. In normotony, muscles should relax and stretch after each contraction, pulling the skin up behind them. Over time, active facial expressions cause their tone to fail, causing them to go into hypertonicity, remaining contracted, shortened and voluminous. If someone thinks that voluminous muscle is a good thing, look at the forehead without puffiness, where interbrow wrinkles are accompanied by bulging muscles above the eyebrows. There is nothing beautiful about that. When there is hypertonicity, the muscle pulls the skin down behind it, clamping it into folds (forehead wrinkles, nasolabial wrinkles, goosefoots, etc.). These wrinkles then sprout adhesions (a web of connective tissue) deep within the tissues, which simply glues the muscles to the skin and prevents them from moving. As a result, the wrinkles get deeper and longer, and the swelling doesn’t go away for years.

Many people fear that relaxation, on the contrary, will lead to a loss of skin tone. Are these fears justified?

In terms of physiology, it is impossible to relax the facial muscles to the point where they sag. You shouldn’t confuse facial muscles with skeletal muscles, where there really are hypertonic and hypotonic muscles. These muscles are different in structure, attachment and functionality – they support the skeleton, its mobility, and the mimic muscles are only skin mobility.

The muscles can be relieved by massage and other techniques that are used in the program of natural rejuvenation. Through regular exercise you will be able to tighten the oval face, get rid of wrinkles, improve skin condition. This is a comprehensive work, which will give not only the beauty and youthfulness to your face, but also the health of the whole body.

Habit #3. Sunbathing without protection and without control


Ultraviolet light negatively affects the condition of our skin. It destroys collagen and elastin, and these are responsible for the elasticity of the skin and regenerative processes. From one time, of course, there will not be much harm. The upshot is that the destructive effect of sun rays has a cumulative property. Therefore, never go out in the sun without a protective cream with a high level of SPF, and do not sunbathe for a long time.

Habit #4. Using a lot of cosmetics

If you look at today’s beauty bloggers, it makes you cringe to see how much makeup they put on their faces. No matter how high-class it is, the skin will get clogged and lack oxygen. Such a thorough makeup is better to apply only on special occasions, but in everyday life, try to do with the minimum.

This applies not only to decorative cosmetics: go easy on the skin care products. Too many different tonics, creams and serums are also harmful to the skin. To keep it in good shape, all it takes is a 3-step skin care regimen.

Habit #5. Slouching and neglecting your posture

And it’s not even about the fact that it’s unpleasant to look at a slouching figure, here it’s much more important to violate the physiological norm of the spine. This always affects the health of the body as a whole, and the beauty of the face as well.

Any curvature of the spine will inevitably show up on the face. Everything in the body is interconnected, and improper functioning of some organs is compensated by others. Any curvature leads to changes in the bones of the skull, and with it, deterioration of the skin on the face.

Why should rejuvenation begin with the feet?

Curvature of the bones of the body starts from the bottom up, and the bones of the skull are the last to be affected. Wrong gait leads to spasm of limb muscles, this leads to bone deformities of the pelvis (one side is higher than the other), then there is load on the spine, the shoulder blades twist or curve, one shoulder is higher than the other, the head leans toward the elevated shoulder, temporomandibular joints become unstable.

And how does this affect the face?


On the face we see asymmetry of the left and right sides, soft tissue drooping, bite problems, a raised angle of the lower jaw. As well as a swollen facial oval, nasal displacement to one side, puffiness, sunken eyes and deep wrinkles. Such deformities of bone structures are provoked by the spasm of the muscles of the posterior and anterior fascial chain, which stretches from the feet to the top of the head. The earlier you start to work on your legs and back, the longer you can keep your face young and fresh, not to mention the health of your body in general.

Habit #6. Neglecting body signals

Any discomfort, muscle tightness or pain syndrome doesn’t just happen. The body signals that there’s something wrong with it. The longer you ignore it, the sooner you’ll notice the first signs of aging.

You can learn to feel and understand your body on the course. You need to know what to pay attention to in the first place. With the help of simple exercises you will be able not only to delay aging for a long time, but also to regain your youthfulness.

Warning !

We don’t give any medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Consult with your physician or seek medical attention before making any health or food-related decisions.

This article is about some simple general health or food tips that you can find everywhere on the internet, not about some deep professional advice.