In 2019, almost 14 of each 100 U.S. adults elderly 18 years or older smoked cigarettes, an estimated 34.1 million adults in the United States presently smoke cigarettes, and More than 16 million Americans currently suffer a smoking-related disease.

Let’s stop smoking and get inspired by the methods of Jennifer Aniston, Cameron Diaz, Angelina Jolie, Ashton Kutcher or Anne Hathaway !

18. Cameron Diaz

Big smoker in the 90’s, it’s after realizing that she was smoking more than 20 cigarettes a day and that she was setting a bad example, Cameron Diaz in her thirties decided to quit smoking completely, she said the main reason was that her parents were upset of how much she smokes.

17. Ashton Kutcher

The actor was smoking up to 40 cigarettes a day until he was urged by his ex-wife Demi Moore to read the book “The simple way to quit smoking” by Allen Carr. And it was a success for him, he has since 2006 completely stopped and never resumed.

16. Gwyneth Paltrow

The actress was a very heavy smoker: more than 2 packs a day! But from one day to the next she decided to quit. Like what when you want, you can!

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15. Justin Bieber

The Canadian singer has once said that he was overwhelmed by his addiction to cigarettes adding that he made many unsuccessful attempts to break this addiction but his marriage to Hailey Bieber was a big motivation for him as she helped him a lot and he finally made it to 100 days without smoking.

14. Anne Hathaway

The 38-year-old actress becomes addicted to cigarettes while filming the movie “Rachel Getting Married”, she managed to stop for 4 years and she got hooked again in 2014 while producing “Song One” movie, the actress said that she went cold turkey to get over her addiction.

13. Adele

At one point in her life the singer smoked more than a pack a day. Then realizing the impact it would have on her son if she were to die of a disease caused by smoking, she decided to stop.

12. Anthony Bourdain

Chef Anthony Bourdain decided to quit smoking for a special reason: he was simply tired of having to walk down 11 flights of stairs just to have a cigarette.

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11. Ed Sheeran

The former smoker once said that his health situation was bad as he picked up the addiction while playing music, he didn’t smoke for 3 years and the gym played an important role in breaking his addiction.

10. Angelina Jolie

The famous actress managed to quit her smoking addiction after adopting her older son Maddox in 2002, she said that the feeling of being a mom is far more important than smoking and that her son played a huge role in her forgetting about her dark past and giving her something new to live for.

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9. Christy Turlington

After years of smoking, the model decided to quit after her father died of lung cancer. Sports helped her a lot to maintain this goal.

8. Matt Damon

It is thanks to the help of his friend Ben Affleck that Matt Damon stopped smoking, the actor broke his 16 year addiction with just 3 sessions of mind-altering therapy.

7. Paul Rudd

Like many stars, Paul Rudd managed to quit smoking thanks to hypnotherapist Kerry Gaynor, he has always praised his effective method (smoking cessation program).

6. Robert Pattinson

It was Leonardo DiCaprio who motivated Robert Pattinson to give up smoking, the actor started going to the gym everyday and using electronic cigarettes, he successfully ended his addiction.

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5. Kristen Stewart

It is her ex-boyfriend Robert Pattinson who motivated her to quit smoking.

4. Michael Douglas

Michael Douglas’ throat tumor was a lesson to him because he never touched a cigarette afterwards.

3. Jennifer Aniston

Jennifer Aniston, aka Rachel in Friends, she quit smoking after 20 years of lighting up and she said that yoga played a huge role like controlling her cigarette cravings. She shares her experience in the book Yogalosophy.

2. Charlize Theron

Charlize Theron used hypnotherapy to suppress her urge to smoke and is now a non-smoker!

1. Ben Affleck

Ben Affleck aka Batman was able to say goodbye to cigarettes after using hypnosis.