While many men prefer to keep their facial hair, most especially the beards, the same cannot be said for the women. You will rarely see a woman who desires to keep a beard – unless for a show or an event. Hence, we understand why you are seriously looking for ways to get rid of the little black hairs trying to cover your face. To help you achieve your desires, we’ll be discussing seven reliable and easy techniques of facial hair removal for women. Enjoy reading :

1. Use of Tweezers

This method is not only effective but a cheap way of getting rid of hairs growing on your face. With a tweezer, you can easily pull out the hairs. However, ensure that you have enough free time at hand.

2. For Facial Hair Removal Consider an Epilator

facial hair removal

With a cost range of $30 to $100, the epilator is a handy small device that helps remove several hairs at go. However, while this technique is not time-consuming, you may experience a slight sensation in sensitive regions of your face. ( facial hair removal )

3. Hair Dye

As the name suggests, this method involves dyeing the facial hair to appear the same as the skin colour. In this way, it won’t be very easy to notice, most especially from a considerable distance. Your skin tone will greatly determine your colour choice. But to use the hair dyeing method, you will need to purchase a special dye kit for your face.

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4. Chemical Depilatory

This method involves using any facial hair removal products such as creams, lotions, etc., that perform a chemical process of getting rid of hair. These products are affordable and pain-free. However, always remember that improper use of this technique may cause chemical burns on the face – only for about seven days.

5. Waxing Method

Among the methods of facial hair removal, waxing is one of the most widely used. While this method is affordable, the cost will depend on the region of your face that you would like to get rid of hair from. Please take note that you may feel pain during the process, but it is an effective technique.

6. Threading Method

facial hair removal

If you feel that you cannot bear the slight pain of waxing or the cost of an epilator, then consider the threading method. This practice involves facial hair removal from the brows, lip, and the face generally with a string. However, you will have to visit the salon for professional threading.

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7. Trimming Method

Finally, we have the trimming method, which is advisable for taking care of eyebrows. Rather than removing your eyebrows, you can simply trim it down to make it less thick and dark. Trimming is both comfortable and affordable.


By now, you should have found more than two ideal methods for facial hair removal . Regardless of your choice among the listed methods, you can be sure of removing those unwanted hairs effectively.