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The Chicago Bulls – Golden State Warriors game next night is on paper a surprising but above all attractive match between two teams that, not long ago, were still dominating their respective conference. But the Warriors don’t have this status anymore and are experiencing some difficulties at the moment.

Despite Klay Thompson’s return, the Warriors are still struggling

The Warriors are going to have two big matchups in a few hours and this might not be the right time for them. Golden State will take on the Bulls on Friday night, just after visiting defending champions Milwaukee. And this duel that promised a showdown quickly turned into a fiasco… for the Warriors.

At the Fiserv Forum, the gap was already 39 points… at the break! Without forcing, the Bucks apply themselves and play just behind a Giannis Antetokounmpo in triple-double in thirty minutes. The rest of the team, for its part, also evolves at its level. On the side of Golden State, as usual, the return of the locker room is good, but not enough to worry the Bucks who finally win 118-99.

Bad series

While the Warriors started the year 2022 with impressive successes against the Jazz and the Heat, since then, it is the soup to the face in the Bay Area. In the last five games, Steve Kerr’s men have conceded four losses. What worries more is also the way and the game proposed by the band of Stephen Curry, who seems in the hollow too at this time.

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Without their number 1 offensive asset, the Warriors have all the difficulties in the world to cross the 100 points mark at the moment. But defensively, they also have to do without their key piece, Draymond Green, injured. And without him, who is one of the best defenders in the League, it is difficult to limit the points conceded. And it is not the return of Klay Thompson that changes things at the moment.

Thompson limited

Back against Cleveland with a win in hand, Klay Thompson showed encouraging beginnings. While he naturally lacks some rhythm, it doesn’t look like the solid defender just missed two NBA seasons. Adept at the three-pointer, Thompson is also enjoying this comeback with some drives and also a big dunk last Sunday.

But Thompson will not be of any use against the Bulls because he will not play. The reason? The medical staff is sparing him the back-to-back for now and is gradually increasing his playing time. “That’s probably the biggest challenge for me – the minutes restriction,” Thompson told The Athletic. “But I have to calm down and accept the reality of the last two years. You can’t be out that long and all of a sudden play 40 minutes. It’s progressive. I have to build that up. Sometimes I’ll go back to the bench frustrated. But I trust our medical team to support me.”