modern women

It has been said that women are unhappier than men. The explanation for this lies in the constant desire of women to limit themselves by any standards and appear to be the best in everything. Everyone tries to succeed at home, at work and at the same time not to be a black sheep among those who follow the lightning-quickly changing beauty trends.

We believe that the most important thing in a modern woman is her burning eyes and tireless desire to live. All other standards of beauty are imposed by society and blur individual features of any girl, so do not dwell on them.

Rounded belly

Some women have admitted that the source of their insecurity lies in a soft, rounded belly. To get rid of the hated “tummy,” the beautiful half of humanity exhausts themselves with diets and intensive training. Doctors are convinced that a small percentage of subcutaneous fat in this area is not a woman’s problem, but an indicator of the proper functioning of the body.

Lush lips

modern women

Another favorite trend is plump lips. There is an opinion that thin lips are an indicator of aging. Hence the desire of women to give volume and expressiveness to this part of the face. To date, the most common tool for lip augmentation are fillers based on hyaluronic acid.

However, doctors warn that frequent lip augmentation procedures can cause significant damage. The skin tissue will stretch and sag under the weight of the injected drug, which will only worsen the situation.

Perfect Shapes

The ideal body type has tacitly become an hourglass-shaped physique. Owners of the narrow waist and visually equal volume of shoulders and hips catch admiring looks, while other girls can only blame their genetics and envy perfectly built by nature beauties.

In fact, stylists believe that any type of figure can look advantageous if it is served “with the right sauce. For girls with wide hips to compensate for their shortcomings, it is enough just to emphasize the line of the back and shoulders with an accent top. The owner of the figure of “apple” can feel confident, if visually traced the waist and focus the attention of others on its main advantage – long legs.

Symmetrical facial features

modern women

Despite the fact that facial asymmetry is a natural feature of every person’s appearance, some women still shy away from it. Experts and beauticians have actively started to promote face-building classes to help girls achieve symmetry. Although such exercises show positive dynamics, still do not dwell on asymmetric facial features, as people around you do not notice this feature.

“Almost all faces are slightly asymmetrical. Our eyes are used to it and instinctively adapted. Therefore, it is likely that no one will even notice the asymmetry of the face, and even if they do, they will not care.”
“Asymmetry can be noticeable if you communicate with a person face to face. But no one will pay attention to it, because our first priority is to talk to a person, not a picture.”

Even Skin Tone

Even skin tone is every girl’s dream. Stores offer a myriad of foundations and concealers, and cosmetology has been aggressively promoting phototherapy and professional peels. All this should help women hide any imperfections and even out skin tone.

However, it should be understood that pigmentation is sometimes impossible to get rid of, because often its appearance is influenced not by the external environment, but by internal factors: the genetic code, peculiarities of the cell structure and hormonal background.

The desire to slow down aging processes

Growing crow’s feet around the eyes, fine lines and the first gray hairs are a nightmare for many women. But scientists suggest putting all that worrying aside, because the human effect on the biological clock is minimal.

The thing is that the process of aging depends not only on ecology and self-care, but also on the genetic code and overall health. The stars of the first magnitude are proving by their own example that it is possible to age differently, but equally beautifully.

Bushy eyebrows

modern women

In the 2020s, the trend for bushy, natural eyebrows has firmly established its position. However, not all women are gifted by nature with bright and expressive arches. To help all the “eyebrow-less” came the beauty industry, which promotes the services of makeup, lamination and tattooing of eyebrows.

While some women are actively drawing out the hairs, others see nothing attractive in such eyebrows.

“I think it’s a waste of time. Girls think that by shaping their eyebrows they make them more attractive, but in reality the effect is the opposite.”
“Your face fits the eyebrows you were born with. You should never try to reshape them, you can only gently tidy up any stray hairs.”

Wrinkle-Free Face

They say that nasolabial folds give women an unattractive frown and add a couple of years to their appearance. To get rid of the markers of aging, girls spare no money on Botox injections and fillers. However, all this takes away from girls what nature has given them: the natural beauty and uniqueness.

Cameron Diaz confessed that in the pursuit of youth she once almost lost herself. “I’d rather see my aging face than a face that doesn’t belong to me,” the actress candidly shared with her fans in her book when it came to “beauty shots.”

Big nose

modern women

One of modern women beauty standards is the perfect nose that plastic surgeons master like a copycat has become the dream of today’s girls. Many of them are so blindly believing in the stereotype imposed that they forget that a non-standard nose is not a flaw, but a unique feature of each of us. Celebrities of the first magnitude are eager to take advantage of this.

Actress Lea Michele is a vivid confirmation of this. The girl admits that she is proud of every inch of her body, including her “Jewish nose” with a convex bridge and a lowered tip in the form of a hook.