It takes a lot of courage to shave your head. Some of the celebrities mentioned in this article made such a brave decision for a role in a movie, while others did it to make a statement. But neither of them regretted it. Not only that, but some have turned the new look into part of their image.

We applaud these strong and confident women, who once again remind us that true beauty is not dependent on appearance.

Jada Pinkett-Smith

The “Flying Girls” star struggles with hair loss, but that doesn’t stop her from posting beautiful photos on her Instagram account. “Me and this alopecia thing are going to be friends… period!” – she wrote. “Now all I can do is laugh. I was struggling with alopecia, and all of a sudden one day there was a spleen, and it became so much harder to hide it. So I thought I’d better be honest about it all so you all don’t ask me any more questions,” she said in her video.

Kristen Stewart

The “Twilight” saga actress admitted that she has always wanted to cut her hair and finally decided to take a risk for a role in the new movie. “I’m doing Underwater and I play a mechanical engineer who works on an oil rig at the bottom of the ocean, so it’s comfortable for me. I’ve wanted to try something new for a long time simply because at some point in your life you feel like it. It’s an amazing feeling – I want to shake my head all day long!” – she said.

Jessie J

The multi-award-winning singer shaved her head live on air to help raise money for the charity Comic Relief. She confessed she wanted to live in her new look for a while: “Yeah, I want to keep it for now. That’s what I look like on my album cover. I wanted to make a statement. I thought there’s no point in shaving your head for charity if you’re going to grow your hair back the next day.”

Cara Delevingne

The actress shaved her head for her role as a cancer patient in “Life in a Year.” Though her managers were against the decision, Cara Delevingne was sure she had to do it. “Before I was cast in this project, I told the director, ‘I want to shave my head for this.’ My agents and managers said, ‘Please don’t! Why would you want to do that?” But for a role like this, especially when it’s about cancer, I needed to feel what it was like to be hairless,” she said.

Natalie Portman

Everyone remembers when the Oscar winner shaved her head for her role in “V for Vendetta.” “I was in character when it happened. It was a very painful experience for my character. It wasn’t her choice. She was forced into it, and it was pretty brutal,” the actress said. – Movies have spoiled us. Usually you can overplay a scene, but not this time. I just tried to stay focused and do my best not to ruin the one chance we had,” she added.

Adwoa Aboah

The photomodel and activist explained why she shaved her head in a touching personal essay. “After years of hating my hair, I finally felt like I could part with it. I found strength. For the first time, I didn’t have to take a huge bag of hair products everywhere, and in the mornings, if I slept out, I didn’t have to spend an hour looking for hairpins. Now I am very comfortable, and I no longer panic about looking different. I’ve matured and learned to value my uniqueness over blonde curls,” she wrote.

Lupita Nyong’o

The “Black Panther” star admitted that she had a hard time accepting her natural hair. “When I was a teenager, I wore my hair loose most of the time. Taking care of it was real work. I remember doing crazy things to keep my curls up in the morning, like putting my head on the headboard and sleeping that way. One day my dad joked, “Why don’t you just cut them off?” And then a few months later I went to the barber shop and said: “Let’s cut them off.” You could say it was a challenge to myself: could I do without hair? I got a shave. It was so scary, but I felt free because I was completely bald,” she recounted.


The singer of the hit song “Now or Never” decided to shave her head to highlight the significance of her mixed racial background. “Hair was also an indicator of racial issues in my life. Shaving my head was important to me. I needed to prove that I could love myself if I did it,” she said.