husband is cheating

David King, director of Australian detective agencies Lipstick Investigations, discusses the most common signals that can indicate your husband is cheating on you. According to him, about 80% of women who call detectives end up having their suspicions confirmed. It turns out that women know how to notice the small details that escape the attention of men.

We couldn’t leave this important topic aside, so in this article we present you the four most common indicators of male infidelity.

First signal

The first and most obvious signal is when your man starts to take care of himself much more than usual: he buys a new perfume, changes his hairstyle or his clothes. If this is not accompanied by a greater attention to you, and a desire to spend more time together, then your husband is cheating on you (probably).

Second signal

If your spouse has set a password to access his computer, laptop or tablet for no good reason, there’s cause for concern. Of course, if you’re the type to stick your nose into his work documents, without asking permission, or check his calls, you can expect him to do that. He just needs a modicum of privacy.

But if you’re already in a serious relationship, and he’s suddenly putting passwords everywhere, it’s very likely he’s hiding something from you.

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Third signal

Another indicator of infidelity is the appearance of excessive aggression. Every time he gets a call, he walks out of the room to talk. With every question you ask him, even the most insignificant, you argue. It’s as if he’s looking for an excuse to fight himself. And after the argument and his attempt to make you feel guilty, he leaves the house pretending that he wants to calm down.

In reality, in this situation, your man is simply trying to make excuses and blame you.

Fourth Signal

Finally, the last signal on this list is the fact that he constantly wants to go out without you, whereas before you had a rich life of activities: you would go to the movies or to restaurants, and he would invite you to go out with his friends or to spend the weekend somewhere else. Today, he always has an excuse to go out without you. This is a very strong indicator!

It’s the same thing if your partner is no longer content to stay home and watch TV, and instead says he has important meetings. It is very possible that he is actually having an affair with another woman.