employment trends
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Each year, HR specialist Robert Half publishes its Salary Guide, which provides an overview of compensation trends. Here are three employment trends that will shape the year 2022.

1. No salary increase

9 out of 10 employers (89%) do not expect to increase the fixed salary of current workers in 2022. As an employee, you might as well tell yourself that your chances of getting a raise next year are low.

Nevertheless, it is found that 14% of employers aspire to reward their permanent staff more, by offering bonuses or extra-legal benefits.

“Companies want to reward their employees for their hard work in a challenging climate. They often cannot afford to translate their appreciation into a salary increase. As a result, many employers are focusing more on bonuses, fringe benefits and a clear and flexible work policy for their employees,” Jeroen Diels, director at Robert Half, tells Jobat.

2. Smaller offices

With telecommuting becoming the norm, employers have had to rethink their organization. 38% of them are even considering downsizing their current workspace.

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“The idea of an office where every employee works at their own desk every day has become somewhat outdated. That’s why companies will also evolve their workspaces with the flexibility that telecommuting brings. The budget that is freed up can be used for other purposes.

3. More diversity at all levels

One of employment trends is diversity, equality and inclusion, they are becoming the focus of more and more companies as they strive to have a more diverse workforce that is representative of society. As a result, 54% of employers are tailoring their job postings to attract a variety of talent and 44% are working with an anonymous resume system. 44% offer to train their employees to recognize unconscious bias in the application process.

“Such initiatives are good from an ethical standpoint, but they also seem to have a positive impact on the work atmosphere. 40% of managers report that their efforts create a better working atmosphere, which also helps to attract and retain staff,” concludes Jeroen Diels.