Weddings are one of life’s most memorable events, and it’s natural to want everything to be perfect on that day. But sometimes, despite your best efforts, things don’t go as planned. Stress and excitement show a minor incident as the end of the world, and we find ourselves in such disconcerting situations that we only thought possible on the screen.

We were curious to know what the Internet users could tell us about this. So we went looking for anecdotes on the internet and, of course, we were well served: each of these stories deserves special attention.

  • I was best man at a wedding. After the party, just as everyone was getting ready to go home, we lost the groom. His cell phone wasn’t answering. We called his brother who informed us that they were walking home. The bride was furious at being left alone. The next day she was still sulking, because on the way home the groom had met other friends and continued the party with them until six in the morning.
  • I raised my sisters alone: my father abandoned us shortly after my mother died. My sisters grew up and got married one after the other. One of them wanted to see her father at his wedding. We invited him. As a gift, he gave her the keys to the apartment where we all lived, everyone was in shock.
  • My future husband’s hands were shaking, and at the moment when he was supposed to pass me the wedding ring, he dropped it and it fell to the ground. In a dead silence, I could hear an “Ah!” from my mother, who was already searching in her head for all the associated bad signs. But suddenly, the wedding ring bounced off the marble floor with a clink, and my husband caught it in mid-air.
  • The newlyweds had just finished college and were considering moving from the country to the city. Both came from modest families. During the presentation of gifts, the father of the bride took out of his pocket the keys to a car. The couple realized that they were the keys to their own car. “I offer you,” he said, “my ‘swallow’, which I have always pampered well, and even though it tears my heart out, here it is, it’s yours now. However, I will borrow it from time to time if needed for work… “While the groom was still in shock, the father-in-law pulled out another set of keys and said, “You can live with us as long as you want, and after we die, you’ll have everything we own today. ” The groom blurted out, “I don’t quite understand, are we getting married or are we reading a will? “Everyone laughed, but it was still embarrassing.
  • I remember working for a wedding. The bride had had a little too much to drink and had been sitting on a guy’s lap for two hours. She was flirting with him while the groom was alone at the table, looking perplexed.
  • At my cousin’s wedding, the groom was throwing the bride’s garter to friends who weren’t yet a couple. But, apparently, no one wanted to get married and the garter fell to the ground three times in a row. And only then, an indecisive guy delicately picked it up… The bride didn’t take her eyes off it for the rest of the evening.
  • My father told me about his friend’s wedding. The whole village was there. We made so much noise that the neighboring village knew about it. The next morning, the groom asked my father very seriously: “Michel, whose birthday did we celebrate yesterday? “He completely forgot that it was, in fact, his wedding.
  • At a wedding where I worked as a photographer, I was asked to take pictures of the bridesmaids. One lady, dressed the same as the other bridesmaids, was standing aside, and I invited her to join everyone. But the bride told me that she didn’t want this person to appear in the picture, because she was the ex-groom’s girlfriend. There is one thing I don’t understand: why then did you ask this woman to dress the same as the other girlfriends.
  • I attended a wedding, where the best man in his speech inadvertently let it slip that he had dated the bride in high school. It was very embarrassing.
  • At my college friend’s wedding, I had a feeling that there was something wrong with some of the guests on the groom’s side, but I couldn’t figure out what it was. Not long ago, we learned that almost all of these people were actually people we met on social media.
  • At our wedding, my husband said in his speech that he first fell in love with my smile. As for me, when I saw him for the first time, I tried not to burst out laughing at the sight of his ugly T-shirt. But then I fell in love with his sense of humor, which I mentioned in my speech, noticing his smile out of the corner of my eye. Later, he confessed to me that before our date, he had learned a phenomenal amount of jokes by heart so as not to lose face.