Celebrities Who Aren’t Squandering Money on Yachts and Diamonds, They Are Saving the World

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The bad tongues will say that it is easy to be generous when you earn so much. However, these celebrities, through their rather substantial donations, help to fight against the evils that affect human beings and thus contribute to changing the World. Their charitable donations are often seen as a way to enhance their image, or even to improve their image. We may criticize, but the money is still put to good use. More than financial donations, some of them practice what we call self-giving. Thus, more than their money, these stars give their precious time to charity through charity events.

We are genuinely encouraged by these celebrities’ actions toward making the world a good place and we need to share them with you.

Keanu Reeves

We all know this talented actor who looks eternally young and is known for leading a very modest lifestyle. He has played such strong characters as Neo in The Matrix, Kevin Lomax in The Devil’s Associate, John Wick in the film of the same name, and other equally interesting characters. We rarely hear about the good works of this discreet actor, but in one of his interviews, Keanu Reeves talked about his foundation that funds children’s hospitals and cancer research.

His foundation has already existed for several years, but Keanu Reeves does not try to advertise his charity work. He mentioned it only once in an interview in 2009. According to his statements, this private foundation has been in operation for six years, its main purpose being to financially help children’s hospitals, as well as research to find different cures for cancer.

And when asked why he never talked about his foundation, and why he didn’t put his name on it, Keanu Reeves said, “I don’t like to put my name anywhere, I let the foundation do what it needs to do.” Perhaps the reason the actor has dedicated his charity work to helping children with cancer is that in the 1990s, one of his sisters, Kim, suffered from leukemia. After a long battle with the disease, the young girl finally showed signs of remission.

“Money is the last thing on my mind, with what I already have, I could live for centuries to come.”

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