Movie Couples Who Continued Their Story In Real Life

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Movie stars always say in their interviews that it is not possible to get involved with film colleagues, even if they are your romantic partner. In practice, as we all know, this is not exactly what happens.

As you may have recalled, many movie couples who have touched your hearts have also ended up becoming boyfriend and girlfriend in real life. In fact, the examples are endless, even if you only picked 14 from the list below.

Fans, of course, go crazy when movie couples, who seem to have a lot of chemistry or bring exciting stories to life, end up together. Or can you say that you have never fallen in love with one of these Hollywood couples?

Of course, many of the cases listed are no longer together, and in some cases they have even married new partners. But the truth is, no one can deny that they cheered them on when they publicly announced their romances. Want to see? Check out some movie couples who have dated in real life.

Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield

The two were a romantic couple in the movie “The Spectacular Spider-Man” and their romance went beyond the big screen. In real life, Emma and Andrew were together for a while, filling fans’ hearts with hope, but the romance ended. Today, they assure that they are still friends.

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