Remember when we were kids, and our parents kept giving us instructions, “Put on your hat,” “Wash your hands,” “Don’t hang out at night,” and we didn’t listen to them then. They tried to give us life advice when we were little, and we frowned as we listened to them “ramble”. Kids’ mischief and teenage rebellion are a real challenge for moms and dads.

We remembered the parental wisdom that, when we were kids, seemed to be intrusive and we didn’t understand it. Now we’ve grown up and are starting to find all this advice really helpful.

The fashion for thin eyebrows is long gone, but ours aren’t growing. Mom knew it would be like this.

Our parents talked to us every day about sleep and we rebelled against the rules. Now, going to bed before midnight is bliss.

Every time we made a scene to get candy, Mom would tell us, “You have to limit yourself.” If only we had known back then that not abusing food was a good habit.

We used to want to spend all our time with our friends. Now we realize that the most important thing is family.

As children, we were used to telling secrets without thinking about the consequences. The parental precept: “Be smart, shut up” seemed absurd.

When we were in school, it was more fun to gossip than to listen to English lessons? Now we’re ready to download every possible language learning app.

A half-finished Lego or an incomplete composition didn’t seem important to us at all. But it was a real life lesson: finishing what we started.

We didn’t think about saving when we were kids. But as adults, we learn to think about the future.

It is not uncommon to see a child at the table with a hunched back. If we had known back then that posture affects the whole body.

Our parents taught us to be nice to others, even if we thought that by saying “no” we would offend someone.

How many times did we come crying to Mom to complain about a classmate who insulted us? She would wisely say, “Ignore it. Toxic people have no place in our lives anymore.

“Stability first” was the parents’ philosophy. Thank goodness we listened to them against our will and learned to save for a rainy day.

Parents’ care and wisdom is one of the most valuable things they gave us.